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Sterling Silver Nana Disc Charm


Sterling Silver Nana Disc Charm


This Sterling Silver charm encapsulates the warmth and wisdom that grandmothers have shared with their families throughout history. The term “Nana” holds a special place in hearts, embodying a connection that spans generations. Our charm captures the essence of this treasured relationship, symbolizing the love, guidance, and nurturing care that grandmothers provide. Wear our Nana Charm as a tribute to the legacy of family and the enduring message of love and support that echoes through time. Let it serve as a reminder of the special bond between grandmothers and their loved ones. This charm is engravable on the back for a personalized message. Dimensions: 16.44 mm x 16.44 mm. This is engravable, it can be engraved.

Width: 16.44 mm
Height: 16.44 mm
Metal: Sterling Silver