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Mama Bear Sterling Silver Charm


Mama Bear Sterling Silver Charm


This sterling silver charm encapsulates the strength and devotion that have marked this timeless role throughout history. Just as a mother bear fiercely guards her cubs, our charm captures the essence of unwavering care and courage. Mama bears symbolize a deep connection, embodying the nurturing and fierce spirit that defines maternal love. Wear our Mama Bear Charm as a tribute to the legacy of caregiving and the boundless love that transcends generations. Let it remind you of the strength within you and the enduring message of protection and affection that echoes through time.Show mom how much you love her with this engravable charm. Dimensions: 19.43 mm x 16.94 mm. This is engravable, it can be engraved.

Width: 19.43 mm
Height: 16.94 mm
Metal: Sterling Silver